National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)


National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme(NAPS)

The government has launched the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme NAPS on 19th August 2016 to promote apprenticeship training and incentivize employers who wish to engage apprentices. NAPS has replaced Apprentice Protsahan Yojna (APY) from 19th August 2016. While APY provided sharing of 50% of the stipend as prescribed by the Government only for the first two years, NAPS has provision for sharing of expenditure incurred in both providing training and stipend to the apprentice as follows:

  • Reimbursement of 25% of prescribed stipend subject to a maximum of   Rs. 1500/- per month per apprentice to all apprentices to employers.
  •      Sharing of the cost of basic training in respect of fresher apprentices (who come directly for apprenticeship training without formal training) limited to Rs. 7500/- per apprentice for a maximum duration of 500 hours/3 months.

NAPS was launched with an ambitious objective of increasing the engagement of apprenticeship from 2.3 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs cumulatively by 2020. We have received an encouraging response from 1.43 Lakh students who have registered since the launch of the scheme in August. Ministry of Defence has also shown support for NAPS, by asking all PSUs under it engage over 10% of total workforce as apprentices. Hon’ble Prime Minister recently distributed reimbursement cheques to 15 establishments under NAPS in an event on 19th December in Kanpur.

A user-friendly online portal ( has been launched in order to facilitate the easy processing of entire apprenticeship cycle and for effective administration and monitoring of the scheme. The portal provides end to end service for the employer from registration and mentioning vacancy to submitting claims, and for the apprentice from registration to receiving and accepting offer letters online.

MSDE is working towards promoting the skilling ecosystem through its initiatives to provide the incentives to employers and creating a regulatory framework to promote compliance. I strongly believe that our initiatives such as NAPS will enable us to create an industry-ready workforce and help us transform India into the ‘Skill Capital of the world’.

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